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A comfortable stroller available in the US for a toddler to nap in

Katya • 31 Mar 2024

Hey! My toddler is 39 inches, 36 lb, naps in the stroller. I have the Cruz V2 and Aer, both have a tall seatback but he still looks uncomfortable when napping. Are there strollers available in US that have either taller seatback or at least not shorter, and then aren’t L-shaped? Something besides Butterfly (because it’s too tippy).

Strollers I tried and didn’t like: Bee6 (awkward fold and too short a seat), Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (didn’t steer well on bumpy sidewalks).

Must have a decent basket (can be less than Cruz but better than GT2) and adjustable footrest, so the kid can stretch. Thanks a lot!

No budget.

Eli • 31 Mar 2024

Hey, Katya,

I would say you tried most types (not models, of course) available. Honestly, there are not too many types left to try out. I could try to recommend a lie-flat reversible seater (like, for ex., the Cybex Mios, but I'm afraid your kid will soon be too tall for a reversible model. You could check out the Valco Trend, which has a super long seat, so it should be great for napping, I guess. Wouldn't really suggest travel size as that is always limited in space and the seat angles are not ideal.

Other than that, I think the best will be just to go to a larger baby shop and try it out IRL, as your push and the child's sitting/laying down habits are unique to you guys, and without trying it out, you may just not like it another blind buy over the internet.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.