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A city stroller system for tall parents under 700 EUR

Meto • 08 Dec 2023

My budget is 700 EUR. We live in a small city and we usually travel by car or walk. We avoid public transport. The baby hasn`t been born yet, but me and my wife are tall, so expectantly the baby will be tall. Practicality and durability are our priorities.

Eli • 09 Dec 2023

Hey, Meto,

From what you say, I would say you need a pram that is spacious (tall baby), compact/lighter (so terrain capability wouldn't be the first priority), and a sturdy one at that. In that price range and thinking this will be your first baby, I would go for a full-featured model (with a reversible seat, a carrycot, and so on, all the main bells and whistles) which, maybe, around 2-2.5 years of the baby you may change for something simple and non-reversible as full-features, at that times, is not anymore as useful for parents in general.

I will suggest looking at the ABC Design Swing, Jane Muum, Valco Ultra Trend, Joie Verstarax, Cybex Balios S, Baby Jogger City Sights, ideally trying them on in a shop if possible.

Also, a better - more expensive model such as Cybex Mios could work if bought pre-owned.

Apart from that, a strategy of a cheaper starting, 2in1 convertible pram to seat unit that will cost less and last you about 1.5 years, comfortably, then selling that and getting a lighter, non-reversible lighter pushchair is also a good idea here, in my opinion. For a more compact solution, maybe the Maxi-Cosi Zelia, Mothercare Journey could work for that, though they are not always totally compact, and you do need to count on the seat part being smaller and changing that over time.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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