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A cabin-sized travel stroler that will fit a tall 3yo and still last a bit

Elizabeth • 14 May 2023

We are moving abroad with an 8, 5, and 3 y/o and have a long-haul flight coming up (14 hours plus a 3-hour layover then 5 more hours). The layover will happen during what feels like the middle of the night for us, and we can't access gate-checked strollers during our layover. This means we need something that will fit in the overhead compartment.

My newly 3 y/o is 35 lb and quite tall. What do you recommend that will fit in the overhead compartment but will also last us at least another year or two as a regular stroller to justify the expense? We also value something with a large basket to carry the kids' backpacks during layovers or for grocery shopping later on. (We've flown with our Vista for years and love it, but think we might have outgrown it, especially if we can't use it during layovers.)

Eli • 15 May 2023

Hey, Elizabeth,

I am sorry, but a cabin-approved stroller and a large basket + a large seat won't go together. I'm afraid I can only recommend the Jool Aer (Plus) which has a tall backrest, but do expect it to be narrower. It should last you longer than most of other models like this. Another tall-seatbacked model is the
, which is IATA-approved.

I know they are not cheap, and no, their baskets won't be too big. With a tall 3yo though, you need to focus on a high backrest which these do have.

Apart from this, I would go for a stroller larger than the overhead compartment that would be checked in (like a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.