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A buggy board that will fit the Maxi-Cosi Leona 2

Nicklas • 13 Jan 2024

Hi, I just saw that you got a question last year if there is any buggy board that fits the Maxi-Cosi Leona 2. Actually, the Bumprider board fits. It’s also guaranteed to fit any stroller, 100% and there is a money back guarantee if it wouldn’t fit. But it will fit for sure.

Eli • 13 Jan 2024

Hey, Nicklas,

You are right, he Bumprider (and also, the Lascal boards) are the two brands that proved to be truly the most universal ones, and they might fit the Leona.

However, the Leona is a small, not that sturdy buggy and I personally wouldn't suggest having a board attached to it, it may make it looser and rattlier over time - not even talking about the almost non-existent space for the parent's steps. In any case, that is just my experience.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.