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A budget friendly, airline-compact stroller also for everyday use

Christine • 10 Apr 2024

Hello again 🙂🙂 I asked you almost 1.5 year ago for newborn stroller. I am from Greece 🌻

Now I am very very confused.
I have a toddler of 19 months and I want a stroller lighter, finally. I am between Graco Myavo but I am disappointed because it's not for plane cabin friendly.

I find a GB Pockit+ stroller 2018, second hand, in very good condition. Is it good except for travel - for everyday life? I find also the Ergo baby Metro compact.
I have the same questions for this.

Do you suggest something else? I want something until 200€.

Thank you very much.

Eli • 10 Apr 2024

Hey, Christine.

The Pockit+ wouldn't be the best option for everyday, it's quite flimsy, not sturdy enough. I would definitely rather go for the Ergobaby - still not your all-terrain model (none o this size will be), but MUCH surduier, with a padded seat, I believe out of the options you mentioned, this is by far the better one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.