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A Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 carrycot compatibility

Sierra • 30 Jul 2023

Hello I have a Babby jogger City Mini® GT2 stroller which I purchased in the US.
product link:(https://www.babyjogger.com/strollers/shop-all-strollers/all-terrain/city-mini-gt2-stroller/SAP_2153358.html)

I want to get a pram or bassinet attachment for it, but the pram attachment seems to have been discontinued and the compatible bassinette is not sold in the US. However, with some Googling, I found a carrycot that looks like it will be compatible with the city mini GT2. the only catch is it's only sold in Europe. But I found a German company that will ship internationally. Product link: (https://www.kids-room.com/en/baby-jogger-carrycot-for-city-mini-gt-2-and-elite-2)

I'm just trying to confirm that if I buy this product it, will be compatible with my stroller. I tried to contact Babby Jogger with this question, but they are MIA.

Eli • 31 Jul 2023

Hey, Sierra,,

Your second link doesn't work for me, however, it seems to be, from the link, as the City Mini GT2 carrycot, which SHOULD work with your City MIni GT2. Be sure to check with that seller about whether there are adapters included with the bassinet, as you need adapters for your city Mini GT2 to attach a carrycot, it won't work otherwise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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