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A 4-wheeled stroller for different terrains, spacious, but compact enough for travel and public transport

Bet • 02 Dec 2023


I am looking for a stroller with the requirements below. Please can you give a recommendation?

A stroller:
- 4-wheel suspension
- for a tall toddler 2 years but would like the stroller to 4years.
- large basket
- easy up and down big curb's
- smooth ride on multi terrain
- compact enough to take on bus and for travel
- good size sunshade
- good for lots of walking around theme parcs

Kind regards

Eli • 02 Dec 2023

Hey, Bet,

There are a little opposite features here, ad the smoother and multi-terran the stroller will be, the more suspension, and the larger basket / hood, the larger the stroller will be. And vice versa, the more compact it will be (for travel / public transport), the fewer features and less smooth ride it will have. So you should be prepared for a compromise, I guess.

I would suggest the Oyster Zero (Gravity) as for such a light pram, it is spacious, with a huge canopy, and with very nice suspension. It is kind of mid-sied so light but not ultra-compact, I believe, however, that is compact enough for travels, especially taking into account that a large toddler will have enough space in it.

Other than that, perhaps check the Baby Jogger City Mini2 4 which is more urban but overall a practical model with a lot of room in the seat, and a very flat fold.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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