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A 2nd/holiday stroller for a tall kid and tall parents, ideally under £200

Tori • 26 Mar 2024


Hi Eli, I really need some help. I seem to have fallen into a stroller black hole and now feel completely unable to make a decision on anything! I've seen so many and I'm now completely overwhelmed.

I'm looking for:
A 2nd stroller for use on holiday/quick shopping trips etc...

Our child is nearly 2 but is tall for her age so we'd like one that goes up to 22kg and is better for taller children.

My husband and I are also tall so would be nice to be comfortable pushing the pram - our main pram is the Oyster 3 and we are comfortable pushing that with the handlebar on the lowest setting.

Because of the Oyster and having a small person who gets FOMO we would like as upright a seat as possible.

We have no preference for umbrella/one handed fold BUT the purpose of the 2nd pram is to be space saving so I would want folded dimensions that are noticeably smaller than the Oyster.

Ideally I don't want to spend more than £200 BUT I'm so exhausted by the research that I will stretch the budget for the right one.

I have decided on a model numerous times and then done a bit more research or read reviews and changed my mind.

We want a reliable pushchair, that could be used if we have more children in the future (but doesn't need to be suitable from newborn - we have the Oyster for that). I'm just a bit lost!

Eli • 26 Mar 2024

Hey, Tori,

FOr a tall child and tall-ish parents, I would definitely look at models with a tad taller backrest. For a sturdy model, perhaps it would be better to go for something not totally low-budget, however I understand you don't want to overpay. If you'd still be ok with at least looking at more expensive / or second-hand strollers, the Joolz Aer / Joolz Aer+ is the most practical, sturdy option with a tall seat back.

Apaart from that, perhaps the Kinderkraft Nubi 2 is a nice choice, roo in the seat and price-wise. Not as high quality as the Joolz, but might be enough for a second stroller.

I quite liked the sturdiness of the ABC Design Ping, but for some, that one felt a bt less stable. Perhaps that would be best to try out in a baby store. The GB Qbit+ All City or the Cybex Eezy S+2 are also nice options to look at.

If you do want the stroller to be really practical and last well, though, I would probably still go for the Joollz. So sorry, though - the better option is more expensive!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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