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A 2in1 stroller system for a 1.64cm tall mom and convenient for urban use

Alda • 13 Sep 2023

Hello Eli! How are you?

I need your help. I am expecting a baby girl. I am looking to buy a stroller with two parts (the part where the baby lies down and the part where he will sit when he grows up). I would like to spend an amount up to 700 dollars. I will mainly use it in the city. I am 1.64cm tall. I would like it to be comfortable for the baby. It folds easily when I put it in the car and not too heavy. Maybe it's a lot of requests, but since it's the first time for me, I'm a little confused.

Thank you!

Eli • 14 Sep 2023

Hey, Alda,

I would look at the Valco Baby strollers. They are light, not crazy tall, and easy for use around the city. There are bassinets available for their strollers, too, and the whole bunch is rather affordable.

Apart from that, I would recommend looking at pre-owned Cybex Mios which is so conveniently light and compact for the city, while it pushes great - but with a carrycot, I am not sure if it will be under 700USD in your country. A similar model is the Bugaboo Bee which you can also check in classifieds as pre-loved.

Lastly, I will mention the Jané Muum or the ABC Design Swing which are a bit larger than what I mentioned earlier, but also comfy, not too expensive, and practical for the city.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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