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Yosefa says:
"4.5 years of having a stroller is a nice lifespan"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend

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  • It is so light and easy to get in and out of the trunk or down the stairs
  • Suitable for a baby and toddler, or light weight preschooler
  • The basket holds a fair amount (be careful with weight though)
  • I don't think it handled very bumpy sidewalks well. Where I live though, the sidewalks are very uneven

I owned a Snap Duo for about 4.5/5 years. Over that time we've had a few things break - the basket, wheel, folding clip and the customer service at Valco Baby was so helpful in sending replacement parts. Within my first year of having the stroller, I didn't need to pay anything. After that it did cost when I needed a new break bar to fix the wheel. When the handle bar cracked - this is 4.5years after having the stroller, the cost to replace was too great for it to be worth it. I would say 4.5 years of having a stroller is a nice lifespan.

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