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zuzanagab says:
"I really can't find a single thing to fault it for"
and gives the Tako Omega

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I highly recommend this stroller. Already used for one child, currently starting to be used with the second.

It is spacious, quality materials, everything is washable. It is super well cushioned, the wheels provide a comfortable ride even in the terrain, which suits us. It transfers unevenness well and has no problem even with higher curbs.

Image-wise not for moms fashionistas, but functionally = maximum satisfaction, and especially the comfort of the CHILD! Perfectly covering canopy and apron, almost no blowing in and no sunlight. I would choose it again. That's also why I "babysat" it for my second child for over two years, while it was not used at all.

It was bought during a holiday in Krakow, where I saw it in a shop window and even though I was only 10tt pregnant, we couldn't resist getting it. We chose a grey one with turquoise green and we had a baby boy. Now we have a daughter and I just tweaked with lilac accessories and it's totally appropriate for a baby girl :) I really can't find a single thing to fault it for.

We also bought the original footmuff for a very affordable price, the advantage of which is that it fits exactly and zips up the top of the seat beautifully so it doesn't slide down, the straps fit exactly and of course the colour is the same as on the pushchair.

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