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angie_l says:
"I couldn't have chosen better"
and gives the Petite&Mars Up

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I couldn't have chosen better

  • Lightweight
  • Reclines fully
  • Belly bar
  • Design
  • It's harder to handle heavier terrain, but I don't think that's what any buggy is built for

I was looking for a buggy that would be extra light as it would be mainly for summer holidays. At the same time I wanted to use it normally, instead of a pushchair, to be able to recline up to a lie flat.

This stroller fulfilled that right away. It's not that well known, as one can't find many reviews about it yet, so I took a chance, but I couldn't have chosen better. Really, I had tried other buggies, but this one caught my eye from the start because of the design, but also because of the features and the lightness. So for me it's a definite yes - for the city, for holidays, for shopping. Of course, it handles rougher terrains with difficulty, but that's not important unless you want to go into the woods with it.

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