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Peter says:
"For the price, a bit of imitation wood on metal frame"
and gives the Momon After 59

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It's no hit. For the price, a bit of imitation wood on metal frame...

My partner was choosing, she was making a table of pros and cons in Excel, comparing between the strollers, going to the stores to try them and finally she got stupid and chose this expensive stroller, but in my opinion there are nicer, cheaper, more functional strollers. I liked the Bebetto Premium, which even in the Premium line costs half as much and looks better in my opinion.

I don't understand why this stroller doesn't have suspension and rocking. On the other hand, it's funny when you're walking along a speed bump in the road with a sleeping baby and the whole stroller shakes so much that the baby jumps up and down and throws his arms over his head in his sleep :-) Then the front wheels are inflatable, the back ones are gel. So I don't know why they don't make all maintenance free gel ones. Next, that bottom basket is only hinged, maybe with magnets, it always opens when I unload from the car or gets caught on the net in the trunk.

What do I know, a regular stroller, unsprung, and I am saying this from the point of view of a dad with a technical background... But my partner doesn't give up on it, because she can put a holder on the side of the structure for a drink, a coffee...

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