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Aaliyah says:
"By far the best"
and gives the Graco Trekko Duo

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By far the best

  • Steering
  • Light weight
  • Good safety - sturdy/strong breaks
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Looks the part
  • Handles uneven grounds bumpy roads very well
  • 1 click and turn folding mechanism, in seconds
  • All in all perfect
  • Honestly Graco why did you stop selling this in the UK??? 🇬🇧….. love the Trekko duo! My honest opinion

By far the best!!! I have been through multiple prams including doubles, I owned the Graco modes duo which was honestly a waste of money and too many cons!

Now the Graco Trekko, all in all comfortable for baby and parent, the steering is amazing, the ride is so smooth, and my gosh the storage space, it has an extra attachment for another child to join the journey, I mean honestly this is the best double buggy, if you live on a farm or love hikes, or even just long bumpy walks, but this pram! You will not regret it, just a heads up I had to buy my Graco Trekko dip second hand, due to not being able to buy it brand new in the Uk anymore which is a real shame, I would buy it brand new if I had the chance!

It’s just an amazing pram, it goes from a single buggy to a double in a matter of seconds, you’re child will be a happy child in this pram. As parents when we have a busy day ahead and you’re child’s comfortable there’s nothing more that makes us happy.

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