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viiny says:
"I am still in love with it after 4 months of use"
and gives the Espiro Sonic Air

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  • large canopy
  • all four wheels inflatable
  • UPF50
  • some parts can be taken off and washed and others just need to be wiped with a sponge
  • brake on the handle
  • spacious basket
  • foam handle - can be solved by a cover
  • higher price, but nothing drastic

I had been choosing a stroller for a long time and the inflatable wheels were a priority for me. In the end this one won out and I am still in love with it after 4 months of use. It has perfect wheels - I only got a flat once, and it was on some wire, but the replacement was not difficult, every bike shop has inner tubes :-)

It's comfortable, will go through any terrain - cliffs by the sea, muddy or rocky road, forest with roots etc. Most of all I love the covering canopy, when the sun or wind has absolutely no chance. The UV50+ and brake on the handle are just a bonus.

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