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suzanni says:
"It has everything it should have"
and gives the Espiro Sonic Air

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It has everything it should have

  • very good-looking
  • compact
  • inflatable wheels
  • huge roof
  • adjustable handle, backrest, leg rest
  • excellent handling
  • footmuff-apron-liner included
  • made of excellent materials
  • shorter leg rest

The Espiro Sonic Air is a stroller that has everything it should have. It has rubber wheels - but not huge ones, so it doesn't give the impression of a "tank" like some others. It's a great size - not very tall, nor is it too low. The baby has plenty of room to sit, there's space even above the head.

The handle for the parent is very comfortable. The baby handle is plastic, excellent for keeping clean.

A very nice bonus is the leg cover/footmuff, which can also be made into a liner.

The stroller is made of excellent materials, easy to maintain and looks like the baby will not sweat. I have no reason to move on from this one ;)

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