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Venicci strollers

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Venicci is a brand of elegant strollers and childcare accessories based in the United Kingdom. Venicci is a sister-brand to Bebetto, the well-known Polish producer. Since 2011, Venicci products are available on British, Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish and Dutch market. Venicci strollers have a robust, all-terrain chassis with a soft suspension system and luxuriously looking leatherette details, stitching, metal frame, and glossy metallic parts. The carrycot, the car seat, and the seat unit are positioned slightly lower on the chassis. The advantage is also the spacious carrycot, and the seat with a high backrest. Using adapters, there is the possibility to add a car seat of their own brand, or one of the other well-known brands. Each Venicci stroller system comes with all the essential accessories included. Additional accessories are available separately: you can get a parasol, a small handbag, set of spare wheels or the closable shopping bag insert.

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