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Uppababy Cruz vs. Joolz Hub+ - which compact reversible stroller will work better as a full-sized one?

Rola Nazmi • 09 Mar 2022

Hello Eli,

I'm torn between the Uppababy Cruz and the Joolz Hub+. Our goal is to find a compact stroller that functions as a full-sized one in terms of our baby's comfort and durability.

Eli • 09 Mar 2022

Hey, Rola,

Nice choice, indeed! You picked two nice strollers, which I believe you will be happy with, both of them. If I were to pick with the stroller priorities you stated, I would most probably go for the Joolz Hub. It is simply MORE COMPACT after folding. Quite considerably, actually, as the seat folds in half, while the Cruz's stays so longs.

However, the Cruz is MORE SPACIOUS. So if the longest possible use is your priority, go for the Cruz.

One more thing, the Cruz features a bucket-style, shaped reversible seat (more about ergonomic seats HERE) and the Hub Plus a true lie-flat reversible seat. That means a few differences - read the article mentioned above, so also take this difference into account when you're deciding - think about what you feel better about. There is no bad choice, so think of it from your point of view and with your heart.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.