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Nuna Triv: How does the Triv compare to the Triv Next?

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eli & vii
Stacy • 28 Sep 2022

How does the Triv compare to the new Triv Next?

Eli • 28 Sep 2022

Hiya, Stacy,

Don't really expect too many changes in the Triv Next, as essentially, the pushchair is very similar to the original. The change on the attachment of the rear wheels and a bit larger rear wheels will definitely improve the stability though; other than that (just the correction of a flaw of the first gen which should not even be boasted about and be naturally present), only the spring suspension under the seat for a smoother ride for the little one (parent won't feel it much) and the new MagneTech secure snap™ - an easier, magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place will make your life easier with the Triv Next. Oh and there's the availability of the Maxi-Cosi style car seat adapters, on which the Nuna Triv Next's carrycot will be attached, too (making that carrycot possible to attach on different stroller frames, which is cool), but that is not something that would change the stroller's features.

Definitely nice improvements, though nothing groundbreaking, except perhaps for the stability and the larger rear wheels - expect a compact, reversible urban pushchair nicely padded and comfortable, especially for smaller babies. If that is what you seek, it is definitely a better choice than the first iteration.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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