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Cybex Mios 3 vs. Nuna Triv vs. Bugaboo Bee 6, which travel system from birth is better?

Vaishali • 13 Sep 2022

Hi Eli,

Thanks for answering my question re: Cybex Mios 3 vs Mama and Papas Strada and the Babyzen. I realised I didn’t even say I am due in December and I am looking for an everyday use stroller/pushchair.

Just wanted to double check the other comparisons that we have had with the Cybex Mios 3 were the Nuna Triv and Bugaboo Bee6. Would you still recommend the Cybex Mios over these?



Eli • 14 Sep 2022

Heya, Vaishali,

Well, to be honest, yes I would. The Bee, cool as it is, feels outdated as it is much larger after folding, and without a leg rest, it is not as comfortable for naps nor for that age when the child has longer feet that the base of the seat but doesn't yet tough the footrest. Also, no footrest when facing the parent, meaning dangling feel. I personally am not completely into the Bee's design, it doesn't seem as practical anymore, especially with better and more foldable options out there.

The Triv seems cool on paper, and I like the chunky wheels and the nice padding, though multiple parents reported the stroller not being stable, and tipping rearward, which is most probably a design flaw. Even without that, I find its seat shorter, and less toddler-friendly than the Mios', and so I would stay with that. I personally had it for my third (but the first gen ;-)) and was surprised it was really sturdy, maneuverable, and could take my older (4yo at that time) as well (tight fit, but a fit).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.