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Are there any reversible jogging strollers?

Chris • 24 Jun 2022

Hi Eli,

Can you recommend a jogging stroller with a reversible seat? Are there any available, except for the [[bugaboo-runner|Bugaboo Runner]? Why is this model discontinued?

Thanks for your answer

Eli • 24 Jun 2022

Hi, Chris,

The Bugaboo Runner was discontinued for two reasons, I believe, the first being super simple - not enough demand. The second reason would be that best is to jog with older toddlers, health-wise as well as safety-wise, and those need more space, which a forward-facing-only jogger offers much more than a reversible one. And that is probably why the demand was lower.

There are almost no reversible joggers in the world. Two that were usable for that are discontinued, the BGB Runner and the Orbit Baby O2. At this moment, there is the Emmaljunga NXT Challenge available, and apart from that, only two that come to mind – the Mountain Buggy Terrain V3 with the convertible carrycot in the reversed seat mode, and the TFK three wheelers, mainly the recent TFK Mono, also with the 2in1 convertible carrycot - seat unit cat be used for that.

Be sure to remember that you can only jog with a child that already steadily sits by itself, ideally over 1 year of age, as there can be a strain on the spine and the neck.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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