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A lightweight, compact reversible stroller that is comfortable on cobblestones

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Tom • 04 Jul 2022

Hi, you have a great website. We are hoping to get some advice choosing our next stroller.

We initially bought Yoyo2 and it's unbearable for Berlin's cobblestones. Our baby keeps waking up unless we stop moving. Sometimes we even find ourselves carrying the stroller over cobblestones patches so our baby doesn't get distressed.

Now we are done with that and looking for something that can handle cobblestones and a bit of nature but still compact enough to be folded easily every time we come from outside. The plus would be to be able to fold it as a carry-on on the planes, but not a must.

+ We prefer sustainable materials and are ready to buy second-hand.
+ Easy folding
+ No Cot necessary, just a buggy that can be positioned flat and with reversible seat
+ Our baby is now 4 months old
+ Needs very good wheel suspension
+ Needs to be light, less than 10kgs
+ Sustainable materials or secondhand would be a plus

We found secondhand Cybex Mios 2021 in Berlin for €420, which we are thinking about or now we saw Recaro Lexa Elite in a store, which has similar features as Mios and can fit in the plane cabin, but we are not sure about the wheels&cobblestones issue. If the Recaro would be great on cobblestones, the price is great and we would go for it.

Do you have any other ideas? The bottom line is compact and good on cobblestones.

Thanks a lot!


Eli • 04 Jul 2022

Hiya, Tom,

If you really want to be done with those over cobblestones carrying, you cannot get an ultra-compact cabin-sized pushchair anymore, I am sorry to say. The smoother the ride you need, the larger the wheels must be, and the sturdier the chassis.

If you need a reversible seat, your stroller will be even larger. The reversible seat (more about those here) is a feature making the stroller space smaller and the overall size and folded size bulkier, you need to count on that. Very good suspension again means higher weight, as it is a complex mechanism.

Between the Mios and the Lexa Elite, both are quality strollers but both have small wheels. That means not an awesome cobblestone ride, unfortunately. From these two, the Mios would, however, be the better choice because of better (not completely incredible, but much better) suspension and a much sturdier frame.

I actually would go with something like the Cybex Eezy S-Twist+2 could work in terms of wheel size, but the frame is much less sturdy and not with as much suspension. Lastly, the Valco Ultra Trend is a nicely lightweight one, but no suspension there, unfortunately - it does offer the extra air-filled Sport wheels to be bought extra, but that depends on the availability at that moment.

To be honest, no reversible-seat large-wheels great-suspension hat is under 10 kg and compact comes to mind, at least not as much as you would really be happy with it. The Mios, then, could probably work, but I would rather get the Baby Jogger with a carrycot and use it 2-3 more months, then pass to a forward-facing seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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