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jmikola says:
"Not bad, but it has some flaws"
and gives the X-Lander XA

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Not bad, but it has some flaws

  • low price
  • low weight
  • large wheels, front with locking option
  • quite large shopping basket
  • no suspension
  • small gap at front wheel lock
  • not so great quality (rattly)

I have a 2015 model, a 2 in 1 combination. The stroller is not bad, but it has some flaws.

I was looking for a lightweight stroller for terrain. I pull the stroller up stairs and I'm 50 pounds myself, so I wanted a lightweight stroller first and foremost. The stroller meets this point perfectly. It is a little heavier as a pram (with the cot), but it is still easy to handle.

According to the description, the stroller is suitable for the terrain, but it is not so great. It does have quite large wheels, but the front wheels have a small gap between the wheel and the locking system, so snow, mud and wet leaves get stuck there. Then the wheels get choppy and ride like a sledge. If the wheels aren't locked, it's a little better, but not great. The stroller has no suspension, so little babies bounce around a lot in the bassinet.

The canopy on the seat allows for expansion when you unzip the zipper, but this expansion itself doesn't hold much - especially when going uphill or over bumps. The stroller brake started to fall off on its own after less than two years of use.

The apron on the cot attaches with magnets, so it does blow in a little.

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