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fiff says:
"Nevyhodou je, ze ked je sedacka otocena, tazisko kocika nie je zrovna v idealnej polohe, a cez jamy a obrubniky je tazsie ovladatelny"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap Ultra

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  • Lower weight
  • Compactness
  • Possibility to turn the seat parent-facing
  • Large canopy with ventilation
  • Harder to operate when the seat is facing the parent

We have this Valco stroller for travelling, it is compact and light-ish. We chose this Ultra model because the seat can be turned to face the world and the parent, so we can see the baby. The downside is that when the seat is turned like this, the stroller's center of gravity is not exactly in the ideal position, and it is harder to steer over potholes and curbs. With the seat turned forward, the handling is easier.

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