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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Nice non-slip fabric - Tailormade
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Great to have the canopy opening up over the legs - no light rain to deal with + no more shades against the sun!
  • It can't get away with all terrain, it's not a terrain pushchair

The ability to fold the stroller without removing the top part with the combination of two-way travel was crucial.

We'd buy it again


A great pram, we'd buy it again if we had to choose again. 😊

  • Reversibility
  • Apron for the pushchair
  • Large basket
  • No suspension
  • Without air-filled wheels, it rattles
  • Lasts up to two years of the child at the maximum

I'd underline the apron that is superb for a spring/summer baby instead of a bassinet-

  • a reversible seat (one of my main priorities)
  • super easy to fold and overall lightweight (before we owned the Oyster 3, that was heavier)
  • when the child lays down, you can open a very large ventilation window - our DD likes to lay in her belly and look out through it as well
  • the xxl hood is genius - when you extend it fully, there's plenty of shade even for a nap; we, however, never tried how waterproof it really is..?
  • the normal viewing window is magnetic-closed - so you won't wake up your child (like in our Britax B-Motion 4 Plus)
  • the leg cover with the extra bumper bar (like the one you see in the Youtube video) are included
  • inflatable wheels are not included!!! We had to buy them extra, and they were quite expensive, compared to the overall price of the stroller... but of course, this may seem different to different people
  • even if they claim a full recline, the laying position is not completely flat, even though, it's deep enough
  • the reclined position makes the whole seat similar to those ergonomic/bucket-type seats (the Valco Snap 4 Tailor Made Sport has this better designed)
  • the original leg cover fits perfectly; I do miss, however, side access with some kind of zipper. The zipper is only on the top side, and you can only get the child in through the top - like into a sleeping bag
  • no suspension, but with the optional inflatable wheels is the ride much smoother

I bought the Valco Snap Ultra Trend in May 2020 for my 7-month-old daughter. Our requirements were:

*a reversible seat unit
*inflatable wheels
*large internal space to fit even a larger child
*large hood

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