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koc says:
"I was very pleasantly surprised"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap Duo

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  • the stroller is lightweight
  • can be folded in one piece and fits in a mini suitcase
  • mesh at the back of the child's head - ventilation in the heat
  • a window in the top of the canopy where you can check on the children
  • lots of backrest positions, from lying down to full sitting
  • Tailormade handlebar cover included
  • canopy extension
  • leg positioning
  • spacious storage basket
  • aprons included
  • the parent handle cannot be positioned, it is only in one, fixed position
  • it suits my height (166 cm), but my husband (178 cm) said he'd like it the handle higher
  • rain covers are not included
  • it is not possible to turn the children to face the parent

We bought the Valco Baby Snap Duo Tailormade.

Today we tested the stroller in real world and so I decided to write some of my observations and impressions of the model.

We have the version with basic wheels. You can also buy (for an extra cost) inflatable ones, which are supposed to have better driving characteristics. There are even two options for the twins - all black or Tailormade (grey and blue). We opted for the Tailormade version because I like the material better 😊 However, it is more expensive than the black version. And even that black one can be beautifully tweaked :)

If I had to sum it up, I was very pleasantly surprised by the stroller - especially its lightness and steering. I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to see the kids, but it wasn't so. It is possible to check on the children through the windows in the canopies. The girls also enjoyed the stroller and napped nicely in it, so I can recommend it for us.

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