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alubif says:
"A top-of-the-line for me, too bad it doesn't have suspension"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap 4 Sport Trend Tailormade

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For me, the Valco Trend is a great choice. I changed our classic Valco Snap for this one. I'm tall, so the longer handle - and adjustable - is a big bonus, plus I had to adjust the step a bit with the old Valco Snap (not a problem with this one). Plus the handle doesn't narrow down, which bothered me with the old model.

But I often read on Facebook the problem with the front wheels and chassis with this type of Valco, so for us the front wheel rubbed a little, but over time riding on rough terrain the rubbing disappeared.

The only drawback over the old Valco is the seat belts - they are not sewn on the side with a plastic loop where I tied a pad behind them, but in the middle of the seat - and the plastic loop for attaching the pad is missing.

Otherwise a top-of-the-line pushchair for me though. Lightweight, folds up with the sitting part inside so I don't have to take the footmuff off when folding it into the car. Too bad it doesn't have suspension.

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