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I got the stroller because it reminded me most of the Nordi Fjordi, which I fell in love with, but it was too expensive for us. We got the stroller in a 3. in 1 combination and when it arrived I was really excited. It has a beautiful design and handled great.

After my son was born, the stroller went into use and the drawbacks started to emerge. When I had the changing bag full, the front wheels were almost in the air. Not much fit in the storage compartment and I probably could have used more space.

You can't see the baby through the window that is in the top cover on the bassinet - the baby's head is somewhere else :-) After apparently permanent overloading (of the changing bag) the rear wheel started to rattle and after two months of use we took the stroller back to the shpop to fill a complaint.

What I appreciated the most was the car seat, which has both a canopy and a leg cover and can be conveniently attached to the chassis with adapters. The chassis is easy to fold.

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