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  • Very compact. Even with the bassinet it fits in my Swift :-)
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent handling
  • Gel wheels that absorb shocks easily, but you can't puncture them
  • Integrated mosquito net
  • Larger front wheels that don't change direction on every rock
  • Excellent ventilated cot
  • The seat can be fully reclined
  • It takes a long leg or a bit of searching for the brake if the bag is hanging o the handle
  • Chassis assembly takes a bit of practice

I bought the stroller "blindly" - no reviews were available. But it met all my requirements and after two months of use I found no major fault.

I have claimed warranty twice with this pram. The first time the rear wheel fell off. The second time, the rear suspension went completely out, resulting in significantly worse handling in corners and the inability to have the pushchair bike facing me - it would fall over. Then the leatherette on the handle also cracked (and we don't wear any rings besides our wedding rings). I hope it was just a defective piece, because otherwise I would have been happy with the stroller - I still appreciate the extra features that other brands don't offer.

  • Sturdy frame
  • Really great one.handed push
  • Large canopy
  • A child does not fit into the seat at 18m
  • Wrong center of gravity - can tip backwards, and in full lie-flat, the child's head is downhill
  • Cannot remove the fabric of the canopy to be washed/cleaned
  • Cannot find replacement parts

I have been using the stroller for 18 months. I had to have it repaired twice. It's great for a pram / carrycot use, but once the child grows up, it's not so great. My son rides in the seat unit "facing the world" and the frame is not designed for that, i.e. the rear axle is lower and thus the stroller's center of gravity is all on the rear wheels. Therefore the rear axle is more strained and malfunctioning.

In addition, the stroller's seat is at the back and if you hang your handbag on the handle and your child is "fidgeting" in the stroller, it can easily tip over. Sleeping is necessary in a half-sitting position, because if you fold it down to a full lying position because of the rear axle that is slanted somewhat, the child would lie with his head lower than his legs.

Very soon the brake broke down because the brake rod did not go all the way into the wheels. The brake is always getting stuck and when you want to brake and get off the tram quickly, the wheels are stuck and it takes a bit of practice to release it quickly.

My son, at 18m, can't practically fit into the seat (he is 86 cm).

The stroller is sturdy, really perfectly steerable (e.g. also compared to the Valco Snap). It is great for handling in the city. For winter it is great, because it can be closed nicely and it doesn't blow inside. For summer, however, the leather part of the carrycot near the head is impractical, it is very hot inside.

The accessories for the stroller are good, practical, sufficient. Only you must not overload the bottom basket - it sags and rubs on the front wheels.

The biggest and most important problem I see is that you practically can't get spare parts. I wrote to the declared distributor and didn't even get a reply. So you have no chance of getting a replacement bag or wheels.

The stroller is very practical for the first 6 months or so, but the seat/pushchair mode is just not thought over and you can't get replacement parts.

One point short to being perfect


Its one point short to being perfect: I hated that the handle on the hood of the carrycot is so close to the fabric - it got dirty quickly there when we carried it. Just to carry the carrycot with hands that I just put some cream on made the textiles look so much worse and dirty immediately.

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