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Amazing in any terrain

  • The black colour of the bassinet gives an elegant impression
  • Can be folded flat (the bassinet)
  • Cleverly designed hand brake
  • Lightweight and easy-to-fold chassis
  • Simple inflatable wheels
  • Stroller brake easy to operate
  • Positioning handle - can be used by a small child as well as a tall man
  • Spacious and closable storage compartment
  • Pushchair in several colour combinations
  • Option to buy a coffee/tea holder
  • It is perfect and I have not found any drawback in four months of use 😊
  • None

Excellent stroller not only for all active parents 😊 It is amazing in any terrain. It is very easy to control with one hand. Just when running or just when walking one hand holding the stroller and the other hand guiding the older kid by the hand. Even in the snow, it rides beautifully.

It has a lot of nice functional details. I recommend trying it out live 😊 The most awesome thing is the ability to fold the bassinet flat! It fits right in, which is better when traveling by car.

Overall it is very impressive. We can't wait to move from the bassinet to the seat in the spring.

  • Works very well for running and very uneven tracks, so very specialised use. Before having a baby, I thought this sounded great, but in reality, we don’t do as much of it
  • It’s huge and therefore not that „urban“, hardly fits in a car boot (even of a bigger car) and very big to take to cafes and shops
  • No reversible seat, no tummy time window in the baby cot
  • Seat is very slanted, baby tends to slide down

Works well for running and hiking, but consider how much of it you’ll actually be doing overall once the baby has arrived.

It suits me absolutely

  • Can handle any terrain
  • Very easy to handle
  • Long suncanopy
  • High quality materials
  • High load capacity
  • Hand brake

With this pushchair, I am extremely satisfied. It is wonderful, it suits me absolutely.

It pushes beautifully

  • Easy to handle, it pushes beautifully
  • Folds well
  • Several positions for the parental handle (appreciated especially by taller people)
  • Large wheels
  • Great for running or skating
  • Ergonomic
  • Nice looking 😁
  • The front wheel sometimes wobbles unpleasantly when it is not locked and throws around the whole stroller; it is necessary to stop and lift the stroller
  • The seat of the stroller is complicated to adjust, you need to use both hands and even your legs
  • Even in the highest position, the child is more likely to half lie down than sit; but this will probably change with age and season...

We have had it for a relatively short time (not tested in the terrain yet), but so far we are satisfied.

Both my son and I love it <3

  • light
  • I don't have to remove the wheels when folding
  • hand brake
  • easy to handle, goes even over hellish bumps 🤣
  • also for a larger child
  • ventilation in summer
  • swivel front wheel with lock
  • no kicking in the basket when walking
  • smaller shopping basket (up to 2kg) - but I take a bag to the store 😊
  • does not have an apron or a rain cover (must be purchased extra)

I recommend it. It is perfect, I am satisfied with it. Goes over any terrain, good handling. Large, super lightweight, foldable, no need to remove the wheel when folding, quality covers, roof UV 50+. Both my son and I love it <3

  • Professional frame
  • Lightweight
  • Handling
  • Practical folding
  • Seat is for a child 1 year+
  • The úosition of the belly bar in the child's field of vision
  • Cannot be reversed in the opposite direction
  • Cannot recline to a full recline
  • Non-adjustable footrest

A sturdy stroller. Great technical design, but with defects that are quite fatal. Although I chose it and bought it myself, I would not do it again.

  • quality
  • smooth push
  • eye-catching design
  • large folded size

The steering is extremely smooth. Easy to push, get over a curb, and is OK even for the beach.

We got it mainly for jogging but we started to use it daily because it pushes so well. Also, it is easy to fold - even though the folded size is quite large.

The quality and upholstery is decent and the look is eye-catching.

It got a bit wobbly over time

  • spacious
  • great steering
  • frame got wobbly

I love it - though, I am trying to save it lately (less harsh ride 😊), because it got a bit wobbly over time. The steering is nice and the seat is spacious.

I take it jogging as well as for hikes. I cannot imagine having a different pushchair, I would probably get nervous and throw it away :-D This, on the other hand, is not a shopping mall pushchair, it's for different kind of parents. When I take my child shopping, I use a baby carrier.

  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic for any terrain
  • None, as far as I know

Excellent, I am absolutely happy with it - and I owned 35 prams and pushchairs with my three kids overall. Of course, there was a gap, as my first will be 16 soon, the second 14, and my youngest will be three.

I finally found THE stroller that can manage our broken sidewalks "without a word" 🥰🙏

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