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An AWESOME pram. So much better than the Thule Sleek or the Bugaboo Donkey.

  • Super-sized wheels and suspension make the stroller amazingly maneuverable and comfortable for the kids and me
  • It fits in 80 doorways, so I can normally push it just about anywhere (only at Tesco at the checkout did the stroller get stuck, so I had to take it through self-service cash desk :-D)
  • The contoured handle makes it great to push without having to keep my hands in one direction all the time. I can switch between different grips, which is nice when running and pushing uphill
  • It's absolutely amazing to run with because it practically drives itself and I just hold it a little bit
  • It has a really big, fully-closable basket underneath the seats, and with a handy plastic liner that can be taken out and washed (e.g. when you spill juice in there :-D)
  • It's very nice looking
  • You can adjust the nozzles individually and they go down very deep, so you don't have a chance to shine a light on the kids
  • The top of the bassinet has a magnetic closure so you don't wake the baby up with any velcro etc just because you want to look at him
  • The seat can be put in full recline, so I've been carrying my youngest in there since he was three months old
  • Quality workmanship as far as everything is concerned
  • Large inflatable wheels can be removed for better storage
  • I also appreciate the optional accessories - a gate-opening tray in front of the baby that has a cup holder. The older one has food, drink and sometimes toys on it
  • VERY easy to fold!
  • The brake, which is on the handle, is quite stiff, so your hand will hurt after some braking on longer downhill walking. In fact, the brake is rotated like when you brake or accelerate on a motorcycle. So wrist down. It's also made of hard plastic and it slides. For skating, I'd appreciate a more classic squeeze brake like on a bike. It was on the previous model, but unfortunately here it was improved like this
  • I got a few scratches on the frame quite quickly. It's no big deal, but it's annoying. The frame has a matte finish and you can just see everything on it more than on a glossy
  • Buying a stroller for that much money, I would have expected to at least get a rain cover with it, but I miscalculated. I had to buy one for quite a lot of money. But I did end up buying other accessories too
  • You can't adjust the footrest, so the baby can lie down, but her legs are from the knees, downward
  • The seat in the stroller is quite low for my taste. It's not like a chair. But my kids obviously don't care
  • When I'm loading the stroller into the car, I get pretty worked up with such a big bulk. The stroller weighs more than, for example, the Easywalker or Bugaboo double strollers, but that's because it's sturdy
  • The last fault I can think of - the stroller can't simply be undone and washed. You have to unscrew it and it's taking a lot of time long - I haven't done that
  • but the lady in the shop said she did, that they tried it and spent, like, two hours on it. So the first thing when we got it home was I made a custom cover to go under the kids because I know them - they're piggies. They still got chocolate all over the canopy but luckily it was really nice to wash it off with a wet wipe

So after two months of intensive use with a 2-year-old and a baby, I have to say that we couldn't have chosen a better stroller.

  • has everything I wanted from a double:
  • full-size, comfortable seats
  • extendable hood - great protection against the sun
  • lightweight frame
  • great all-terrain wheels
  • large storage space
  • handbrake
  • ideal as a sibling stroller - I bought a bassinet and the bassinet is not too small
  • I wouldn't go in another one ;)
  • nothing

Top of the line in the world of the double pushchairs. It has everything I wanted and what I didn't get with the Easywalker Duo Plus :-D It has good shading (Easywalker has a stroller that the sun or rain goes directly on the child, so in the end it is like it doesn't have a hood), nice design (modern), and it's a lightweight stroller.

  • maneuverable
  • roomy
  • easy to fold
  • lightweight
  • wide, bulky

Recommended for occasional twin-line-skating 😁 Feels lightweight, and pushes fantastic. No lifting the leg rests is unfortunate, but you can live with that.

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