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The bassinets are excellent, and even though the boys are commanding, they lasted until 9 months.

Seats are bad though, basket inaccessible when in the lie flat position, difficult positioning for kids.



This is really a disaster 😞

I would certainly buy it again

  • Excellent for terrain
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quite compact
  • Fits an 80cm wide doorway
  • Brake on the handlebar means you can slow down going downhill
  • You need both hands to unbrake
  • The basket accessibility, mainly in the pushchair configuration, is not that great
  • Short canopies - I had to use blankets as shades

Overall a very good twin double pram+pushchair. I would certainly buy it again.

I was very happy with it


I was very happy with it.

I expected something else for that price

  • No positioning of the backrests in the bassinets
  • Bassinet canopy is so hard to position - not even doable with one hand
  • no pockets or small storage spaces
  • The mosquito net was terrible, not even holding on the bassinet
  • Seat units - our twins were born in the winter, and they were sitting in their seventh month - so they wanted to half-wit in the stroller part... but they couldn't see the parent, which is completely unsuitable for such small children. The seat's canopy was very limited and the sun was shining right at them in the summer - which was a problem because when I put there some extra shade, they were angry, not seeing anything.
  • Maintenance - nothing can be removed and washed, I had to do all manually
  • For us, this pram was a disappointment. I expected something else for that price

We decided to change it for something better.

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