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Nice to push, light, spacious

  • large wheels - goes everywhere
  • it's lightweight
  • quite spacious carry cot
  • the stroller is very large, the child can fit in it until a higher age
  • pockets on the sides
  • the cot has a cool canopy - in bad weather it can be folded out and there is only a narrow gap into the seat
  • rain cover for the carry cot - I can't fit it, even though it's original to the cot
  • can't adjust the suspension stiffness - when riding on uneven ground, the newborn bounces around in the stroller just like in other strollers

I give the stroller a plus: it is nice to push, light, spacious, I can fit enough things in the basket.

The brake on the handle is fine, I don't have to step on anything and undo anything. In bad weather, the canopy can be pulled up and there is only a narrow gap in the stroller - it doesn't blow in and as the baby breathes it is noticeably warmer than outside.

The only downside is that you can't adjust the suspension stiffness, so it bounces over roots etc even with the big wheels.

But I'm happy and would definitely recommend it.

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