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  • light
  • easy one-hand manupilation
  • compact for the car trunk
  • 25 kg weight maximum
  • all-terrain
  • spacious seat
  • easily reclinable/inclinable
  • easy folding system
  • very quiet, compared to different strollers
  • suspension
  • smaller basket

I was positively surprised by the nice push over different surfaces. It can tackle a dirt road, forest even, or even cobblestones with ease. The single handle (as opposed to the two handles on the previous generation) is very nice and helps with one-hand maneuvering.

Futuristic, and very nice to push

  • futuristic feel
  • a very small fold
  • a good push
  • wheels
  • narrow handle

To me, it looks futuristic. And it is very nice to push. Recommended for the time when you only need a buggy for your toddler (while there's still some terrain to overcome).

  • Good even for larger toddlers
  • Lie-flat seat
  • Lightweight
  • A very compact fold
  • High-quality
  • 'Hanging' seat absorbs bumps well
  • Someone could ming the hanging seat (it is not so rigid)
  • No adjustable handle
  • Some might say the shape is strange (it is not a stylish model)
  • Folds with two hands

We are happy with it, and recommend it to anyone that needs something small but capable.

The "hanging" seat might seem like a minus, but it helps to absorb the bumps from the road along with the soft frame suspension. The leg rest is adjustable - it seems very (maybe too) simple but it works.

My boy likes to be in it. I would maybe only like a handlebar adjustment for the dad - he is quite tall, so he has to bend a bit to push it.

It really works on almost any terrain

  • for almost all surfaces
  • soft suspension
  • spacious
  • compact
  • practical
  • sporty look (but for some, this could be a negative)
  • the fabrics fold into the seat when in the upright position
  • strap recline (but this is a minor con and thanks to that, the buggy is lighter)

An incredibly practical, very sporty-looking little pushchair, and it really works on almost any terrain. The shock-absorbing is nice and soft.



We like that it's unique - we have yet to meet the same one on the street. I guess it's cause not everybody is into this style. It works very well and folds down tiny.

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