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  • Was great when nephew was very small
  • Is still equally as great with 1 year old nephew
  • Will still be perfectly usable for quite a while
  • Handles very easily
  • Lays all way back or sits all way up
  • The footrest seems to be a lot closer for baby's feet to actually reach
  • Does a lot of different things
  • Baby seems to ride very smoothly but will def handle the rougher terrain
  • The only 1 problem I've had is took my nephew to Children's Museum so had stroller broken down into 2 pieces in the car, got all back together quickly w/o any troubles but would only go straight forward and backwards, it took me a while to figure out why the front wheels wouldn't turn. Found out I was actually pulling the right lever just wasn't pulling hard enough. However, to be fair, had I maybe looked up the manual and read up on it a little, I probably wouldn't have found myself in that situation, so it might be more user error and not so much a "con" of the stroller itself

I got the Teutonia TLinx for my nephew before he was even born. I was searching the web looking for a decent stroller that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg and I actually ended up getting this one for FREE! Didn't know a lot about it, so went home and did a lil research. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! So my nephew is almost a year old now and we've used this stroller numerous times. I absolutely love it and would definitely recommend to anyone if you can afford the sometimes heafty price tag. (I suggest looking on the internet for "free stuff" apps!)

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