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No terrain is an obstacle

  • manipulation
  • variability
  • agility on every terrain
  • higher weight

I have the Teutonia be you in the V3 version (Casablanca Breeze - dark gray eco-leather) I can only recommend to all those who, in addition to urban life, also do some outdoor. The stroller is very easy to handle in any terrain - no terrain is an obstacle. When we walked on uneven surfaces (forest, meadow, snow, sand, ...), we simply flipped the handle over so that the big wheels were facing forward, and all was fine. Also, we found the reversible handlebar useful on the hot summer days in the city when the sun was shining in the seat, and I had no shade at hand - I could just flip it over. The only thing I have taken away a point for is that it is heavier (for ex. for lifting in the car) because of its quality, sturdy construction; unfortunately, we live in a house without an elevator, and every day folding/unfolding/carrying it was a little bit more difficult. In any case, I recommend it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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