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Every head turns to look at us

  • it’s elegant, stylish, unique
  • it’s height-adjustable and an incredible view for the child - and in the parent-facing mode, very bonding-friendly
  • it has a bucket-shaped, upright seat unit
  • = it’s so worth the money, style-wise - the most eye-catching, trend-setting ‘accessory’ you can find
  • it’s on the heavy side
  • it’s bulky
  • it’s really expensive
  • it doesn’t recline fully when world-facing, and the leg rest doesn’t adjust upward
  • the basket is not the most spacious - but it’s enough for us

It’s incredibly stylish - every head turns to look at us. Also, it pushes comfortably on the streets - even if not the smoothest since the suspension is kind of missing from my point of view. My talk hubby loves that he doesn’t look like pushing a doll pram. Also, the seat is quite roomy (I don’t think it will manage a 22kg child, however), with an upright seatback, and comfy - beautifully padded.

To the downsides, it’s on the heavy side. And you do need a large boot to be able to drive with it in your car. But if that doesn’t bother you, and you’re in for something stylish, you can’t get anything cooler, really.

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