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  • full backrest recline
  • reversible seat unit (possible to swap directions even with the child still in it)
  • one-hand folding
  • folding with the seat in any direction
  • great also for tall parents
  • small, narrow wheels
  • I miss any kind of ventilation - when reclined, the seat is like a bunker
  • no leg rest
  • I missed a bumper bar

I got this stroller second-hand - and it stayed with us for only a month. First of all, I was surprised at how quickly and easily it folded (even with one hand), and how compact it was after folding.

Also, the reclining until almost a complete lay-flat is great, although, in the summer, I would welcome some ventilation - because the baby inside is like in a bunker.

The stroller has small and narrow wheels, so it is not much for bad terrain, but on the other hand, the suspension is relatively good. The handlebar can be height-adjusted, and there is no axle between the rear wheels, making the stroller suitable for taller people. The hood is just right - it never happened that the sun would be shining straight on our little one.

What bothered me the most was that there is no leg rest (only support is in the form of a footrest that is attached to the chassis, but our 10 months old didn't reach it). And I would appreciate if it was possible to buy a bumper bar. The stroller did not appeal to me much in terms of functionality nor design, so it didn't stay long with us - but it has its advantages.

  • oh-so-beautiful
  • the comfort of the child is incredible - even if, as I noticed, some mommies don't think so (judging by the first look at it). None of my three sons (all tested it) wanted out of this stroller, and the third one was actually using it from birth, with the newborn cocoon (Softbag)
  • higher-placed seat unit
  • ventilation hood + sunvisor
  • telescopically adjustable handlebar is very comfortable, even for the very tall dads
  • large, spacious shopping basket
  • even if there's no visible spring suspension, the chassis flex and the V2 wheels (we used those even with the V1 edition) cushion impacts very well and make for a smooth ride
  • I really liked the fold, even the seat folds
  • and did I say how beautiful it is? :-) quality and design emanating from it. Btw, the Scoot was chosen by my husband, who loved it at first sight
  • the (not good) center of gravity when having the seat unit facing you - I minded this the most. Getting up curbs in this configuration was quite difficult - I always had to use my foot, which got to be frustrating after some time
  • I would appreciate a longer canopy - even though it can be used as a floating canopy, I wasn't always as patient as to undo it all the time
  • the V2 wheels are foam filled but feel softer than they should (imo), this is not a problem with those very different V1 wheels
  • no leg rest, which is typical for Stokke - there is only the plastic footrest. Around 9 to 12 months, you can miss it, because the legs are already protruding, but don't yet touch the footrest. I did not consider it a huge flaw, however
  • the (optional) cupholder goes in the middle of the handlebar - I didn't like this placement, it got in my way all the time

A pushchair for those wanting maximum comfort for their child. I really don't exaggerate, my little ones were happier in the Scoot than in any other stroller, and the middle one even sat in it just so, at home, not even being pushed. I mostly recommend it to use on urban surfaces, and it is also great for shopping, as it has an excellent and very accessible basket. However, if you need to lift and get it over curbs a lot, I would probably look at something different - the Scoot, especially with the seat facing the parent, is really difficult to lift on curbs. That was the reason we replaced it after some time. We had the V1 with V2 wheels, which are more off-road friendly (with tires filled with foam, so no maintenance there), but I found those a little too soft for my taste - if they were more strongly "inflated", they'd handle better I think.

Too big for being "just a buggy"


The only advantage I found is its stability; otherwise, the ride is too hard for me, and it has a terrible center of gravity = terrible popping up curbs. No real adjustment of the seat unit... But it will pass through some light terrain. Too big for being "just a buggy".

A perfect travel companion

  • great basket
  • comfy seat
  • awesome chassis
  • very compact
  • I'd say 5% lower rating would be because of no leg rest adjustment

A perfect travel companion. Awesome basket, in which I also used to carry my 2kg chihuahua. The handlebar is firm and high enough even for my 2m husband. The seat unit is comfortable, and its harness belts are perfectly placed so that they don't get in the way. My little one loved to ride in it, his view unobstructed - the highly-placed seat unit suited us. The "missing" bumper bar was actually a great situation - he could hop on and off the pushchair when he wanted to 🙂 The reversible seat unit was great to nap in. Even as a three-year-old, he was able to sleep in the Scoot, his legs weren't dangling... One more thing, the pushchair has a perfect center of gravity (for us), our little one could even stand in the seat, no flipping over - even if I had a bag full of grocery shopping on the handle... A wonderful canopy. Wheels are well-made, no problem even with a little bit of terrain (nothing extreme, though). Fantastic fold... And it stands by itself after folding.

Not much for me. Terrain ride, backrest adjustment - just sitting or fully lying... If I were to choose again, I would go for the V2 (which can get through harsh terrain, and its seat unit has 3 recline positions with an in-between one as well).

Compact, perfect for traveling


Excellent pushchair. Compact, perfect for traveling.

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