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  • Rocking
  • Large carrycot
  • Seat unit is short
  • Takes up a lot of space - even after folding
  • Hollow foam wheels

I had this pram for a very short time, as we never became 'friends'.

A 2in1 pramette seat is a unique piece but not a winner, in my opinion. The carrycot is still ok, but the seat unit is very short and too deep. The direction of the travel can be easily changed even with the baby inside. The canopy is extendable - at some angles, however, the child is not protected from the sun.

The chassis is pleasantly rocking, with an adjustable handlebar. The shopping basket is big. However, it has large holes. Thus, you have to be careful, so the small things will not be shaken out or get splashed on. The break is easy to operate - a foot break made so you won't ruin your shoes.

Perhaps the worst thing is the wheels. I still do not understand why they are hollow - most probably, this is the original feature of this model. The ride feels the same as with standard foam wheels. The only difference is the fact that when a bigger stone gets stuck in it, it goes directly inside the wheel and cannot be taken out, so it rattles inside... I would prefer air-filled tires.

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