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  • Beautiful and stylish
  • Unique, not many know this brand around here
  • Fold can be done with the seat attached and is quite intuitive
  • Newborn accessories - the cocoon, the height adaptors... ♥️
  • Space in the seat
  • Chassis has quite a will even new
  • Foam covered wheels
  • Suspension is not too soft so you will feel the bumps and holes
  • More of a design pram than an all-terrain/all-purpose one
  • The fold with the seat is really really bulky
  • The hood can be prolonged by the two sunshades/visors, but in the laying flat position, it's still quite open

Definitely a head turner. I went for this one as its new (we won't see too many on the street I believe) and as I didn't want a separate bassinet to store later on. This fills the role of a pram as well as a second reversible pushchair well in my eyes.

The wheels are of a good size but only foam-covered which is not the best on terrain. You do feel he bumps, unfortunately.

The chassis has quite a will; I would expect a stroller of this unfolded/folded size to be sturdier. We'l see how it lasts but I don't want to be too optimistic. I watched a few reviews of other Silver Cross prams on a channel called the stroller work shop and the guy also said that the weakness of these is the loose chassis that doesn't perform as well as it could if the bars wouldn't be round...

Overall, really beautiful ad I think with a very comfy seat for the baby. The rear-facing was a must n my eyes and I didn't want a carrycot, so I got the prettiest and most fitting on paper... But I am unsure if the quality will, in the long run, match the price.

A must-have system for any fashionable mom

  • such a beauty
  • versatility
  • 😍
  • basket!
  • wobbly handle
  • nothing else!

LOVING the trendy looks, a must-have system for any fashionable mom. Picked this over a Bugaboo Lynx.

It looks gorgeaos and the seat is roomier han I thought... But I kinda mind that the frame is loose right out of the box.

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