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camiliie says:
"Actually on the simple side"
and gives the Silver Cross Clic

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Actually on the simple side

  • unique style
  • light and compact after folding
  • belly bar included
  • canopy features a sun visor
  • stylish buckle that IS NOT a puzzle
  • lays flat
  • shorter seat length so best for up to 2, 2.5yo
  • canopy higher up so not too protective to a small child
  • not the best for tall parents
  • not too much suspension
  • shallow basket

It looks so stylish, but maybe a bit less so when you take a closer look at it. It's actually on the simple side. But still super flashy on the street.

Don't expect a terrain ride nor a too-long seat measurement. It is, on the other hand, very nicely small, light and compact.

Not overly great for tall dads - best for short to medium mums.

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