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Very elegant

  • design
  • large wheels
  • flipping the handle to the other side
  • the changing bag is harder to close

A very elegant carriage. I have not found a more elegant one at this price. I live in the city, the stroller is very practical to transport (also by bus). I have the black version and it is a fantastic match to the colours designed by Roberto Verino.

Very good price for a quality model

  • Large carryot
  • Gel wheels
  • Extended hood
  • Beautiful colours
  • Leather elements
  • Handle height adjustment
  • Raincover, mosquito net, cup holder included
  • Bucket seat
  • Handle reversible in both directions
  • Front wheel lock
  • Design
  • Hand brake
  • Comfortable mattress in the carrycot
  • That the child grows fast and you can't use it until its 15 😀🤷♀️

I am very satisfied with the stroller. The carrycot doesn't look wide, but in fact a 9-month-old baby has no problem being in the carrycot even in a footmuff - and there is still plenty of space.

A huge plus are the wheels, which are made out of gel, they go very easily. They can handle any terrain and are still like new 👌

The colour didn't fade in the sun at all, and we spent the whole summer outside. The basket is quite big.

Beautiful basket is complemented by leather elements, thanks to which it is unmissable. Everywhere we went, people looked at us. It wasn't the kind of classic you see every day 🙂

Another plus was the bucket seat, the little one could be positioned in case of reflux. He was very happy to sleep in it. It was great, even when he couldn't sit properly yet, he could be in there and his back didn't suffer. He could see around and look around. The extended hood is top protection, whether in summer from the sun or in winter from the wind.

With the handle they also thought about tall guys, because the highest position will be just right for taller people.

I recommend the stroller, very good price for a quality model.

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