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Ivana says:
"The disadvantages outweigh the pros"
and gives the Roan Coss

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  • Nice rocking, it rocks the baby beautifully
  • Can handle rougher terrain
  • Durability
  • Bassinet size and adjustability
  • Bassinet cover
  • Size of basket under the stroller
  • Compact and large enough changing bag
  • Folding the stroller
  • After half a year the front tyre is already ruined, it is necessary to replace both of them, because there is no same tyre available on our market
  • The inside of the bassinet is dark - faded out by the sun, and in summer it is hot in the bassinet
  • Sun visors in both parts unshapely, in the deep bassinet it falls inwards on the child
  • In the pushchair version, loud clicking when handling the hood, in the bassinet you have to press both sides and then adjust to the desired position
  • It is difficult to store things in the basket under the stroller in the pushchair version
  • Poor quality zippers - the first one broke after a month of use
  • They promise the washability of the whole stroller - the cover cannot be removed without dismantling the metal structure
  • The wheels click when driving - gradually they get stuck

If I were to choose a stroller again, I would not choose this type again. I had higher expectations from the stroller, the disadvantages outweigh the pros.

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