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mami says:
"I would not get this stroller a second time"
and gives the Riko Brano Ecco

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  • Anti-blowing shade
  • Reinforced frame
  • Mesh on the canopy
  • Option to have the child facing you
  • Large shopping basket
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Large and sturdy carrycot provides plenty of protection for baby
  • Ability to raise the backrest in the carrycot in case of reflux
  • Coping with more difficult terrain
  • Price
  • Poor front wheel rotation
  • Frequent wheel deflation
  • Impractical folding
  • Heavy chassis
  • Frame together with the tray/sport section does not fit in a standard car boot
  • Carrycot cannot be folded, and neither can the seat unit
  • Rear wheels are wide apart, I couldn't navigate narrower aisles in the store and couldn't fit the stroller in the elevator
  • Awkward to remove the canopy, the canopy comes off with buttons

This stroller caught my eye because of its appearance. It is big, sturdy and safe for the baby. Suitable for more difficult terrain thanks to the large wheels and super suspension.

The stroller is also suitable for a child with REFLUX, because the carrycot can be inclined. In the winter months, the shading part of the carrycot's apron can be detached and clipped on to the canopy, so the child is well insulated from strong blowing winds. In the summer months, the canopy can be opened, leaving just mesh.

The front wheels are clumsy, rotate badly, often have to be inflated again.

When folding, I hurt my finger (it got stuck in the frame) several times. The chassis itself is very bulky and heavy, only with help I could load it into the car boot.

The canopy is put down "thanks" to two buttons. Really very very impractical when the baby is crying in the carrycot and you have no way to pull it out, because you have to press the buttons at the same time and that includes pulling the canopy down.

The carrycot was ok, but the canopy could have been better, one that can be put lower.

I would definitely NOT recommend this stroller to a family that has a smaller car, the carrycot won't fit!

With a second baby, I would not get this stroller a second time. However, for a family that lives in the countryside and goes out frequently with challenging terrain, I can't think of a more suitable stroller.

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