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Anna says:
"Cheaper, but definitely better"
and gives the Recaro Lexa Elite

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Cheaper, but definitely better

  • lie flat position
  • comfortable active sit up position
  • large canopy
  • easy unfold (in bugaboo butterfly wasn’t that easy)
  • surprisingly good suspension!
  • reversible seat unit was a nice bonus
  • magnetic buckle
  • handlebar is included
  • rain cover and mosquito net are not included
  • plastic details could be a little smoother
  • could be a bit lighter

I was surprised that it was quite a problem to find a supercompact strolley that matches all my criteria! Somehow they either recline flat so baby can sleep or offers near to straight angle seat up position, so the baby wouldn’t slide out of the seat, and almost never both of the options.

Not sure if it’s technically too difficult for supercompact or just one thinks it is not necessary. For me, it’s a must. I didn’t like Cybex Twist 2 in the shop cause the seat looked too narrow and wheels too noisy, so I decided to order Lexa Elite blindly. It’s cheaper, but definitely better. It’s not a Bugaboo or Babyzen material quality, but the functionality is much better, and the price is lower of course. My son is 6 months old now, and he absolutely loves it.

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