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  • Design
  • Compactness
  • Very easy to handle even with a heavier child
  • Possibility to change the direction of travel
  • Reclining
  • Extendable canopy
  • You can feel unevenness when driving on worse surfaces
  • Shorter and narrower footrest

This is my fourth "Zapp" model, the previous versions were even clumsier - but they didn't have a single, joint handle. In this version it is connected and it is also higher.

Handling and maneuvering in tight spaces is perfect, I mostly steered the stroller with just one hand, even when fully loaded. Even changing direction or seat position doesn't affect the ride comfort. The wheels are larger than in previous versions, but I feel they are made of the same material. They go like "rollers" on a flat surface - it's great, but on uneven surfaces everything is transferred to the stroller's frame, which is mainly felt by the stroller pusher (the baby doesn't feel it so much thanks to the fabric sports part). The basket is tiny, but can be complemented with the original hanging net bag. Folding has more steps and requires both hands, but it is still easy and very quick to get used to.

The seat unit is shaped, but a bit atypical in that it is not rigid. Only the seat (under the child's bottom) is reinforced, the rest is fabric. I liked it because the baby is almost like being in a hammock (especially lying down) 😊 It can be facing in both forward and rear-facing direction and positioned from sitting to lying down. The hood is medium length with the option to extend. The only thing that bothered me was the shorter and narrower footrest.

I recommend the stroller mainly as a travel stroller for car shopping and quick transfers, where you will appreciate the perfect maneuverability 😊

  • Folds small
  • Awesome drivability/handling on smooth surfaces
  • Folding is a bit cumbersome
  • Small basket

An excellent bridge between umbrella and main pram. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend for daily use.

  • Extandable hood
  • Large, spacious seat
  • Good even for light terrain
  • Perfect manipulation thanks to the single handle
  • I can't seem to find a bumper bar to purchase
  • Wheels are not quiet

I own it for about a month. I am very happy with the driveability, it can tackle even light terrain, unfortunately, the wheels are not completely quiet. The seat is very spacious even for large toddlers, they can nap comfortably inside. Thanks to the extra bag we can carry even a larger shopping in this pram.

A fantastic pushchair!

  • compact
  • roomy seat
  • nimble steering
  • style
  • canopy
  • basket size and accessibility

A fantastic pushchair! We love it. The only negative would be the smaller storage basket that is also not the easiest to get into because of the frame bar. Otherwise, strongly recommended.

The driving is incredible


Expectations met 👍 The driving is incredible.

I didn't expect to love it this much

  • Stable
  • Large canopy, great coverage and sun protection
  • An easy, compact folding system
  • ...and the looks 😍😍
  • I'd maybe like an adjustable handle

I didn't expect to love it this much, but I do. I recommend it to all my friends. It is stable while agile, and the features are well thought-of. An adjustable handlebar would be nice - I am tall and happy with the height, so maybe short mums would mind... IDK 😉 It's truly awesome 😊

  • Weight
  • Folded size
  • Maneuverability
  • Suspension
  • Wheels rotating

We owned it with the bassinet. The driveability on smooth surfaces was good with it. The frame is lightweight while stable, and the wheels are larger in size, so you can get over pretty much anything... in theory. Over time, the wheels started to turn randomly a bit, and the pram felt like a piece of luggage, but maybe lubricating them would help... or if there was suspension... I mean, over a very bumpy road, you (and the little one) could feel every "jump".

Anyhow, we sold it afterward. We got a larger pushchair (a Stokke Trailz) and I missed the nice size of the Zapp Flex+ all the time since...

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