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  • The seat
  • The basket
  • The harness
  • The steering/turning
  • The bulky fold

I think I expected more for the rather high price. The steering is not easy at all - turning takes quite an effort. Another downside would be the folding - it is bulky and I need to store it in two parts to fit the car boot.

What I do like is the large, roomy seat with an adjustable legrest, the basket of course - it is huge, and the harness that could be fitted to small as well as a large kid.

Because of the driving, I would probably choose differently if I had to choose again. But it is unique and spacious, and the basket 👍👍👍

  • Weight capacity
  • Large wheels
  • Maintenance-feee wheels
  • BASKET!!!
  • Fits our trunk
  • Design and colors
  • Easy to clean fabrics
  • Telescopic handle could be sturdier
  • At first the clicking on the seat wasn't that easy - it takes practice
  • Otherwise, it's perfect for us! 😇

I had to have it - the colors 😍 The no-maintenance (but large) wheels, the max. weight capacity 😎. Love the looks. And the frame can handle off-road, too. We have it over 14 months, and we still love it!

Beautiful, original, colorful

  • Spacious seat
  • Spacious carrycot
  • Height adapterts for the carrycot (it is nice and high so one doesn't have to bend much to get to the baby)
  • Spacious basket (with good access)
  • Pushes well
  • Beautiful, original, colorful
  • Loose handlebar
  • Not that smooth of a fold
  • Curb popping could be easier (I think it depends on where you position the handle, however, because my husband never had a problem)

Beautiful and original, and also very spacious for the child. It drives very well. I am just not that fond of the kind of loose handle. It moves slightly and also makes it less smooth to fold.

So cool!

  • fully washable
  • non-slip padding of the harness
  • high-positioned basket
  • large canopy
  • pastel colors
  • memory buttons
  • good also for a taller toddler
  • a bit bulky
  • one-hand fold is not as easy as it seems in the video
  • the handlebar could go higher

It's so cool! Nobody has the same anywhere around. My toddler loves the colors. It's not the best for a tiny car, though.

It's too wobbly for my taste. Also, I would make the leg rest longer. Not easy to put in the car boot - I need to remove the wheels to fit it properly. Getting up a kerb is not easy for me, either. But I like the design, and the basket that even loaded doesn't drag on the ground. Overall, OK, but I guess I expected a bit more from the manufacturer of the safest car seats.

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