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  • solid
  • low weight
  • quick, easy, compact fold
  • pushes well
  • child is happy 😊
  • missing leg rest
  • not that much space for hands on the pushbar
  • price is higher

We like how sturdy, solid the frame is, and the low weight with it is a rare combo. The fold is easy and doable with one hand only. For such a small pushchair, the seat is rather large. After 7 months, it still works well. Our son likes it as well.

The folding is well designed, really a pleasure to do. The folded pushchair is very compact, perfect for small botos like our Toyota Aigo. I also like driving it - it is smooth to steer and easy to turn while staying safely on the ground. There's even some shock absorption that helps the ride to be smoother.

No problem lifting it (like over a curb), but my hubby did complain that for him, the handle feels too low and the steering is not as comfortable because of that. He also complained of sometimes kicking the brake. Also, the handlebar is rather narrow, so not too much space for hands. It's OK, just not for many hours of pushing. It is a travel pushchair, after all, so probably not meant for that.

Since it was pretty much all assembled, putting it together is fuss-free. Nothing to complain about there. The size of it folded, as well as unfolded, is compact, while the internal measurements are OK even for larger children, in my opinion.

The seat is padded, and the recline, even if a strap one, works smoothly, no waking up a napping child. I like that the harness adjusts in 4 height, so as to truly fit a smaller as well as a taller child. I do miss a longer, adjustable leg rest for the naps to be more comfortable, without dangling feet.

Storage-wise, the basket is, of course, not a huge one, but takes all the bottom space meaning it's actually larger than those on other ultracompact buggies. I appreciate the small fabric "shelf" where I keep the wet wipes and a nappy + a bottle to have always at hand.

To sum it up, it is a very cool, unique buggy, on which I really liked the seat space and the folding that is very well made. The ride is also comfortable (apart maybe from the handle), and the storage is well designed. Downsides would be the price (it's not the most affordable travel model) that gets even higher up if you get some accessories and the missing leg rest + narrow handle.

Maneuverable and quick&easy folding

  • Maneuverable
  • Foldable
  • Not machine-washable

Maneuverable and quick&easy folding. Happy with it. Just sorry the covers cannot go to a washing machine.

Unsure what to say, for that price


For the price, I DO miss a belly bar. Also, the leg rest to be adjustable. And I really like the harness "pads" that don't slide, but they don't seem as comfy for the child, on warm days he'll be sweaty under the rubber. Unsure what to say, for that price.

A small pushchair with a robust feel

  • very nice supension
  • very nice driveability
  • sturdy frame
  • roomy seat
  • small wheels, not for bad terrain at all
  • handlebar is too low for tall parents and doesn't adjust
  • small basket
  • the price is a bit too high for the type and its downsides

A small pushchair with a robust feel. Well-made and sturdy, The suspension can be felt, I appreciate it - don't, however, think it will be good for terrain, the wheels are too small.

Also, the missing bumper bar means not that much support for smaller cihldren - it is better for older toddler. I can fit a 3.5year-old in it just fine!

  • driving
  • seat space
  • design
  • stability
  • seat makes the child slide down
  • canopy could cover even more
  • narrow handle

I love the unusual look. The wide front is also a very nice stability-booster. The buggy pushes nicely, and the overall functiones are good - apart maybe the missing leg rest lifting. This is made up for by the very deep sitting space, but that is a positive (OK napping) and a negative - a slumped child that slides down. The seatback is not completely upright - it is not too slanted either, just, with the deep seat, overall position of the child is not the most optimal.

For a secondary buggy, I recommend it. It drives well enough even for everyday rides in the city, just the seat is not made for all-day, eeryday ride.

  • Robust, sturdy feel
  • High-quality materials and textiles
  • Practical carry strap that is comfortable to use
  • Easy one-hand fold, the same as the fold of Ergobaby Metro
  • Compact
  • Nice padding
  • Large viewing/mesh window
  • Raincover included
  • Nice, quiet ride
  • Good harness with many height and length settings
  • Cool, original design
  • Instructions don't approve washing the fabrics in the washing machine
  • The basket is accessible only from the front
  • No adjustable leg rest
  • No all-terrain ride, but that you already know before purchasing it - it's a buggy

I love it. Very handy and nimble. But the design is not for everybody - my husband and his parents are not the greatest fans. But my son loves it and I feel unique on the street.

The handlebar is at a nice height, ok for 170 as well as 180cm tall person. Very short or very tall people should try it out before purchasing.

Super nice, one-handed fold. The buggy is also really compact. Perfect for small chores in the city, car trips, and soon, hopefully, for plane rides as well.

Overall, an original beauty ina small package. A nice addition to a full-size pram or anything bigger that you don't have the nerves to fold in your car anymore.

Very modern and really small. I do miss a leg rest, though; my daughter naps in her stroller quite often, which means her legs are a bit dangling. But she seems not to mind that much. I also appreciate the tall backrest. On the other hand, I was used to a much sturdier stroller system, so this chassis having quite a bit of give I am still to get used to.

We use the car often, and for that use, I am happy I have it.

A perfect travel buggy for a toddler not sleeping in it much.

I had to return it


I had to return it. I didn't like the looks and the handle was too high for me (I am 5′, however).

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