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  • space (in the seat, basket)...
  • fabrics
  • colours
  • large wheels, no punctures
  • bench option
  • sturdiness (will survive a plane trip ✔️, you give it away near the gate)
  • narrow enough
  • large after folding
  • on the heavy side

We had it with two seats but went for one seat and the hop-on-board (bench) seat as time went. This is a super practical solution even to sometimes use with our 9yo! And nobody will tell you it's weird to fit a large kid into a "traditional" seat when it's sitting on a "bench" when too tired.

The basket is a chapter of its own - so large, good not only for many things you need but also for a large shopping load, picnic trips, anything you think of... So so so large.

I liked the textiles - the colours, as well as their cleaning, were simply great. Lovely design overall, nobody on the street could resist admiring our pram.

And yes, it's a large pram, but when you pick one to hold two kids plus shopping and with large wheels to get over bumps and holes, and with so many options... it's just worth it. Don't expect it to turn super quickly when fully loaded, of course 😉

  • large wheels
  • roomy, comfy seat
  • colors
  • basket is incredibly O_O huuuge
  • solid feel
  • XXL hood
  • very bulky
  • heavy-ish

A very good pushchair - practical, comfortable for the baby, and even if feels very robust and sturdy, it is still narrow enough. Those wheels are huge, but maintenance-free wheels and the hood is brutal - absolutely big. Our son loves the colorfulness and likes to sit inside.

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