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L.B. says:
"The perfect pushchair to hold a lot of stuff"
and gives the Quinny Hubb Duo

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  • Space space space!!!
  • Large wheels
  • Many configurations and large toddler-friendly
  • Parent AND world facing seats - BOTH
  • Basket
  • Weight
  • Folded size
  • Telescoping handle
  • Turning

This is the perfect pushchair to hold a lot of stuff, shopping, two kids... everything. The "price to pay" for that is that the maneuvering is not the easiest, and to load it in the car can be a pain in the a.. :-D I mean, it is not light nor compact. The style and the functions are all awesome, at least on paper when you're not loading it.

And I would maybe say that the adjustable handle... such a nice idea, it telescopes out... but it has some will which I minded. And it doesn't go that far up...

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